Now lockdown restrictions have eased once more, our freedom has finally returned to enjoy the outdoors and socialise with family and friends on a Staycation.

Unfortunately, we can’t rule out a dreaded second wave of coronavirus this winter, and with schools reopening in September we’re looking at ways to squeeze out every last drop of summer over the next couple of months.

There’s really no time like the present to make the most of escaping outdoors and taking in all life has to offer.

Here’s how hiring our bell-tents can help you achieve that:


An obvious choice, surely?

Campsites all over the country have been allowed to re-open now.  If you don’t fancy the hassle of bringing or assembling your own tent(s), we can do that for you at your chosen location.

We’ll make sure you’re bell tent is ready to go when you arrive, and we’ll take it down after you’ve left.

Check out Pitch-Up for some ideas on where to visit.


Wedding receptions have got the green light.  Of up to 30 people in attendance of course.

No problem.  In fact, we think our luxury bell tent package is ideal for parties and smaller, more intimate, wedding celebrations.

Enjoy your special day and we’ll have them set up and ready to go for you and your guests.

Garden Glamping

Staying even closer to home?  We’ll assemble a bell tent for you to enjoy a rustic, romantic weekend camped out under the stars.  Or amuse the kids for a night or two.

Get in touch to discuss any of the staycation options above, via our Contact page.  We’d love to hear from you!

Published: 28th July 2020

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